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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  2-11-2019
Number of Hours:  5.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Tunnel Access Plate Install

Continued to work on the installation of a tunnel access plate in the right side of the tunnel, to allow easier access to the electric fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel flow transmitter without removing the center console and tunnel cover.

Worked to enlarge the hole to properly fit the cover plate. Did this mostly using hand files, but found using a random orbit sander with 60 grid helpful, as well as a small sanding drum on a Dremel for the corners. Had the cover plate mounted to the reinforcing trim ring, and placed into the hole from the inside, using clecos to hold the ring in place, and then identified the areas needing more trimming and marked with a Sharpie. This was an iterative process, that took most of today to get to the right hole opening.

Sprayed the ring and the cover plate with self-etching primer.

Since the cardboard foot well floor protector was heavily damaged during the work on the tunnel access hole (due to having to twist my body in unusual positions), decided to replace the cardboard temporary "floor mats" with new ones cut out of extra HF floor mats. These turned out well, and should be useable during Phase 1 testing, and then later replaced by carpet.

Installed the oil door to the hidden hinge using screws and nuts. Found that the door is still too thick with the foam stiffener, and so is standing proud of the cown at the hinge end. Will have to remove some of the fiberglass/foam core at the hinge area to make it fit properly.
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