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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  2-1-2018
Number of Hours:  7.25
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Brief Description:  Bottom Cowl Louvers

Installed the Louvers onto the bottom cowl.

Bent the tabs on the louvers using the Hand Seamer.

Attached the nut plates to the splice plate using the pneumatic rivet squeezer, then riveted together the support bracket, splice plate and F-10108C plate.
Countersunk the cowl for the rivets that hold the louvers in place. Did this with the louvers clecoed to the cowl to avoid hole expansion in the fiberglass cowl. Riveted the louvres to the cowl, using the pneumatic squeezer for the inner rivets that it could reach. Then back riveted the remaining rivets.

Created a cover plate out of 0.032" aluminum for the longer nose gear slot that I cut in order to get the bottom cowl on and off without removing the 3 blade prop. Cut the half round cutout for the aft side using the same 2" hole saw that I used to cut the end of the slot. Measured the slot length to be covered, and added an inch to the length and added an inch to each side.
Layed out for nut plates on 2 inch centers to attach the plate to the cowl, then drilled the center screw holes with a #40 drill. Clamped the cover plate in position on the lower cowl and match drilled the center screw holes with #40 drill, inserting clecoes as each hole was drilled.

Removed the cover plate and layed out lines for the rivets to hold the nut plates to the cover plate.
Drilled the center screw holes in the cover plate using a #19 bit. Then drilled the rivet holes by securing each nut plate to the cover plate with a screw, aligning the rivet holes to the layout lines, and match drilling through the nut plate for the rivets, inserting a cleco in each rivet hole drilled.

Removed all the nut plates and debured the cover plate. Roughed up the cover plate with a red Scotch Brite pad, cleaned both sides with alcohol, and sprayed it with etching primer from a rattle can.
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