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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-11-2020
Number of Hours:  6.00
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Brief Description:  Installed Front Seats & Lower Baggage Bulkhead

Installed the front seats.
Had to add 16 inches to each of the seat heater leads coming from the heating pads in the seats, in order to plug them into the connectors while installing the seats. Added 16 inches of #16 AWG wire to each heater plug (4 wires per seat) by cutting off the plug and inserting the new wires using PIDG crimp butt splices. Covered these wires with 1/4 inch head shrink tubing for protection.

Installed both seats without having to remove the flap covers. Adjuster bolts were relatively easy to install with the seat cushion lifted.

Installed the lower baggage bulk head cover. Had problems with 3-4 of the nut plates being too tight. Had to slightly open them by carefully threading a tap into the nutplate a short distance, just enough to loosen without making then too loose to hold the screw.

Did RTV touch up around the front engine baffle to close areas that were still open.
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