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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  9-25-2019
Number of Hours:  5.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Shop Unpacked; Reinstalled Gear Pants Brackets

Took the remaining shelf boards from the shop to KARM.

Rearranged the work benches and other items in the hanger to create a usable work space. Unpacked most of the boxes onto the shelves.

Lifted each side of the plane with the engine hoist, removed the main gear wheel nut, tightened the wheel pants stand off bracket, and re-installed the wheel nut. Replaced the cotter pins with new ones on each wheel. Had to slightly taper the very ends of the cotter pins to get them to go completely through the hole in the main gear leg, in order to secure them.

Installed the door lock tabs on each door. Had to slightly grind down the sides of the tabs where they are bent next to the lock in order to prevent them from rubbing/binding when rotating the key to lock/unlock the doors. Door locks are now functional.

Sent a text to Henry and Carl asking for help tomorrow in installing the horizontal stabilizer. Henry quickly responded and agreed to help.
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