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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  11-15-2017
Number of Hours:  6.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Installation

Installed the prop governor onto the engine. Used a very thin coating of Dow 7 release agent on the engine side of the gasket, and very thin coating of Loctite 518 on the governor side of the gasket. Torque sealed the nuts after tightening per specs.

Installed the 4 engine mounting blocks onto the engine using the installed studs provided with the engine. Was able to use the torque wrench with a socket on the back side of each block to tighten the nuts, but had to use a crow foot on the front (engine) side with a universal joint to tighten the nuts. At the end, I used an open end wrench for final tightening of these front nuts after calibrating my hands by checking the force required to move the rear nuts that had been properly torqued. Torque sealed all of the nuts.

Installed the manifold pressure sensor onto the sensor block on the top left side of the firewall. Installed the provided stainless braid covered hose to the sensor manifold using the fitting provide by Van's.

Used the engine hoist with the load leveler to lift the engine into place and carefully moved it into the engine mount and positioned for the Lord mounting fittings. Started with the top engine mount bolts/fittings, getting the nuts started but leaving them loose, then adjusted the engine height and tilt to insert the bottom 2 bolts/fittings. Tightened the bolts in a cross pattern, slowly tightening them until they were close to torque specs. Then using the torque wrench tightened each bolt to the specified torque. Adjusted the nuts slightly to align the castle nuts with the bolt holes and inserted and fastened with cotter pins.

Installed 3 #6 riv-nuts into the bottom fuselage skin on the left side to hold the intersection fairing using the holes drilled previously.
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