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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  10-24-2016
Number of Hours:  7.25
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Brief Description:  Removed Seat Covers; Cut Evap Shelf and Installed

Now that I've determined where the A/C hoses and other equipment need to be installed, it is obvious that I needed to remove the back seat covers in order to have access to the condenser connections outside of the tunnel, and to be able to run hoses from the evaporator in the tail cone forward to the fire wall. So I spent the morning drilling out 214 rivets total. Sure wish I had known this earlier, as I would have held off on installing the covers or purchased the A/C kit earlier to allow installation before the covers were installed.

Measured and cut the evaporator shelf to fit behind the baggage bulk head per the instructions. Cut the shelf to about 1/2" of the final lines using my band saw, and then cut to the line with the Dremmel tool using diamond blades from Harbor Freight. Finished by sanding to the line and confirming fit.

Cut the flat bar provided for mounting the shelf to the longerons to fit. Found that cutting the bars on an angle to match the angled shelf sides allowed for a better fit. Marked the area for bolts by holding the bars under the longerons and marking them with a sharpie. Then drilled 3 holes into each bar that are on a line drawn 1/2 way between the edge and the previous line, with one hole in the middle of the bar and the other 2 holes 3/4" from each end. Used the drill press to be sure the holes are straight.

Held the bar to the longeron using cleco clamps at each end, with the bar centered in the 12 inch space of the shelf, and match drilled through the bar holes into the longerons, using cleco's as each hole was drilled. Deburred and then bolted the mounting bars to the longerons.
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