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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  1-31-2019
Number of Hours:  3.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Fitting the Center Console

In order to measure for the additional length required to bring the fuel valve handle shaft (VA-178A) through the center console, I need to do the final fit of the console.

Installed the Aerosport Products carbon fiber control panel that I previously fitted. In doing so, I remembered that I still have some work to do on a few of the panel frame mounting holes where they don't line up with the panel plate nuts. Also installed the lower extension of the control panel that the center arm rest buts up against.

Tried to install the rubber trim onto the front edge of the center console, but was unable to do so. Will probably have to heat the rubber trim in hot water to make it more flexible and then install it.

Installed the center tunnel cover, leaving a few screws out in locations where I will install screws to hole the console. Installed the console and brought it into proper position against the lower panel. Inserted a hole duplicator strap into one hole at the front and drilled a #21 hole in the console, moved the duplicator strap to a hole on the opposite side of of the console, insreted a screw through the hole previously drilled, and drilled the opposite hole.

Moved to the back end of the console and found that the console needs to be trimmed so it fits a little lower in the back.
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