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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  1-10-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Oil Door and Cowl Modification

Worked more on the oil door latch. I apparently was off on drilling for the door latch button as it is not centered in the hole. Decided to fill the small mounting holes drilled for the latch, fill them with epoxy/flox, and then I can re-drill them with the button centered in the hole. I also cleaned up the fiberglass/foam sandwich around where the latch is located. Then sealed the edges of the latch area with epoxy/flox while also filling the latch mounting holes.

Formed a small bump out for the lower cowl in the location I had to open up to avoid interference with the mixture control. Took a piece of styrofoam and shaped it with sandpaper to fit in the area between the combustion air inlet and main cowl to cover the opened area, then shaped it to taper it smoothly to cover the hole. Then covered the cowl in that area with packing tape, and placed the foam into the spot also held with packing tape covering it.

Covered the foam with 2 layers of fiberglass cloth and an epoxy/micro thin mix. Once the epoxy cures, I should be able to remove it from the cowl (the reason for the packing tape) and rremove the styrofoam as well. I shoud then have a fiberglass/epoxy part that I can clean up the edges on and then attach to the cowl with epoxy and smooth to make a clean bump out for the mixture arm.
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