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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  10-6-2017
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Nose Gear Assembly

Installed the nose gear link assembly with VA-143 bushing, torqued bolt and installed cotter pin.

Installed the WD-1015 Nose Gear Link Collar Assembly onto the shaft of the WD-1016 Nose Gear Link Assembly, but could not compress the Nose Gear Elastomers enough to align the bolt hole. (Used a scissor jack to raise the nose wheel to compress the elastomers but the fuselage lifted off the work bench before the elastomers compressed enough.)

Lowered the wheel back down and removed the U-1002 isolator washer and jacked the wheel back up until the fuselage lifted off the work bench. The bolt hole was almost aligned at this point, but still not quite enough to get the AN5-16A bolt inserted through the hole. Installed an AN4-16A bolt instead since I could get this smaller bolt through the collar assembly and fastened with a standard nylock nut. Once the plane has been resting on the gear for a while with the engine mounted the elastomers should compress with time, allowing me to replace the temporary bolt with the specified AN5 bolt prior to moving the plane to the airport for final assembly and first flight.

Marked the Nose Gear Link Collar Assembly with an orange tape to highlight the need to replace the bolt. Also noted this in the plans in red and added this to my list of items not yet completed, as I have been doing during the build for things that I need to go back and finish.

Began preliminary fitting together of the 2 left main wheel fairing halves.
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