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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  7-6-2016
Number of Hours:  7.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Continued Comparison of QB Wings with Plans

Removed horiz. stabilizer right tip to assess initial fiberglass lay-up. Looks reasonable to did similar lay-up using closed cell foam with fiberglass layer on back side on the left horiz. stabilizer and the elevator tips.

Continued comparison of QB wings with plans. Determined that I need to decide on lights to be installed and other devices before moving ahead with closing the wings.
Need to determine lighting amperage to size wire and determine number of wires.
Decided not to install the stall warning switch as I intend to install an AOA sensor with the pitot tube which will better perform the function of stall warning. Not sure how to fill the small holes in both wings meant to locate the stall switch, as I would prefer not to remove the fuel tanks and so can't reach the back of the leading edge to buck rivets there.

Bent the fuel level float rods and installed them into the level transmitters. Checked for proper operation by tying a string onto the float rod and threading it through one of the transmitter flange mounting holes with the wing level on a work bench. Then moved the float between up and down and verified hitting the top and bottom of the tank by sound. Measured the resistance for each sender at both the full and empty positions with ohm meter and wrote the values on each wing near the transmitter. Will wait to permanently install the level transmitters until ready to install the wings.
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