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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-19-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
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Brief Description:  Snorkle Removal Part 2

Cut the snorkle from the inside of the lower cowl, leaving ~ 3/8 inch every foot uncut to hold the snorkle in place while fiberglassing a mounting flange. Made the cut using the Dremel tool with a diamond cutting wheel, using a 3/4" dia wheel in some areas and a 1.5" dia. wheel in others as appropriate.

Cleaned the cut area with acetone, then applied 1 layer of clear packing tape from the edge of the cut towards the center of the snorkle. Applied Dow Corning 7 Release Compound to the tape and beyond into the snorkle to help with the release of the snorkle after fiberglassing.

Cut Hesgen 4" - 520 - 5C fiberglass tape into a 2.5 inch width x 28 ft. long. Mixed up epoxy with slow hardner and 403 Micro Fibers and applied to the area for the fiberglass flange extending from about 1 inch over the packing tape to about 1.75 inches outside of the cut. Applied a layer of the fiberglass tape in 4 pieces to the area, overlapping at the joints along the tape, and then painted the tape with the epoxy/fibers to saturate it.

Layed 4 more layers of tape over the first layer using epoxy/micro bubbles between each layer. Finished the fiberglass flange lay-up with a layer of dacron peel ply on top. Cleaned up the area below the fiberglass inside the snorkle with acetone to remove epoxy drips.
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