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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-17-2020
Number of Hours:  3.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Lower Cowl Snorkle Removal

Decided after trying to fit the lower cowl with the inlet fabric in place that it will be best to make the snorkle removable before moving to first flight.

Trimed the right cooling air inlet baffle fabric to fit. Removed the lower cowl from the aircraft.

Determined the location for the snorkle removal cuts as 1/2 - 3/4 inch from the snorkle edges. This will provide an appropriate flange for the mounting screws.

Removed the aluminum heat shield previously installed from the area for the cut and about 2 inches outside of the cut for fiberglass attachment. Sanded the area to remove the white paint and white epoxy previously applied to the lower cowl.
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