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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-13-2020
Number of Hours:  4.25
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Brief Description:  Installed Top Baggage Bulkhead. Fire Ext.

Installed the top baggage bulkhead plate.
Once installed, I wasn't sure if I had armed the ELT, so had to remove screws from the lower baggage bulkhead cover on the left side to confirm that the ELT was armed. (It was) Reinstalled the bottom bulkhead plate.

Looked for a good location to install the Halon fire extinguisher in the cabin for easy access to the pilot. Selected a location at the bottom rear of the copilot foot well area. This will allow easy access if needed, while not interfering with the copilot's feet or stick.

Started installing the bottom engine cowl to determine trimming required for inlet air baffle fabric. Installed it into position with the 2 rear side hinge pins. The right side inlet will require simple trimming of the baffle fabric. However the left side will require some re-work of the aluminum inlet ramp due to the air conditioner compressor. One option will be to build a custom fiberglass ramp.

Also decided that I need to modify the cowl to allow removal of the combustion air inlet nozzle from the bottom of the cowl. This will make installation of the lower cowl much easier, and will allow the connection between the inlet nozzle and filtered air box to be easily made.
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