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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  9-26-2019
Number of Hours:  7.25
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Brief Description:  Reinstall Horiz & Vert. Stab, Elev., Nav Antenna

With the help of Henry Jetlina, reinstalled the horizontal stabilizer onto the tail cone. Henry helped me lift it into place and steadied it while I install a few of the bolts to hold it in place. With this accomplished, Henry went on his way.

Completed installing the horizontal stabilizer bolts, torqueing them per specs.

Reconnected the control push tube to the elevator horns and torqued.

Removed the rudder from the vertical stabilizer. Reinstalled the vertical stabilizer (by myself) and torqued all of the bolts holding it in place. Used mold release as an anti-sieze between the forward brace and the vertical stabilizer. Installed a cotter pin in that bolt after torquing per specs.

Secured the nav antenna coax cable to the end of the flexible conduit to protect the cable once in place. Used the long rod I used to install nut plates for the nav antenna to pull the coax up inside the vertical stabilizer through the center hole for the nav antenna puck. [Allowed the rod to slip down through a lightening hole into the tail cone. Had to run another rod down through the top hole and tape that rod to the original rod to pull it back up through the upper hole. This was difficult frustrating. After getting the orignal rod back out, installed a fender washer and nut to the top of that rod to prevent it from dropping through the upper hole again.]

Installed a BNC connector onto the end of the coax at the top of the horizontal stabilizer, tested it to be sure it wasn't shorted, and fastened it to the nav antenna puck. Decided that I needed to enlarge the holes I drilled through the top edges for the antenna elements as they were too tight for the elements with grommets. Installed the "cat whisker" rods through the enlarges holes after installing grommets and threaded them into the antenna puck, followed by tightening the set screws in the puck to secure the rods. Completed the installation by securing the puck with screws through the nut plates.
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