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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  7-9-2019
Number of Hours:  7.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Center Breakers, Close Center Panel, Replace Coax

Completed wiring of the center panel circuit breakers.
Connected wires to the switches just above the center breakers.

Installed the center section avionics tray. Found there isn't enough room to insert the assembled avionics tray through the front of the panel. Removed the left side of the avionics tray in order to fit the remainder of the tray through the center opening, then re-install the side after the tray was in place.

Installed the outer center panel, including the #4 flat head screws on each side of the MFD opening. Re-installed the wires to the CO2 detector, and connected the DB connector to the IBBS.

Installed the audio panel, autopilot panel, and the transponder. Started to install PFD-1 but realized that the GPS coax had the wrong connector. I had installed a TNC connector on the GPS coax and a BNC connector on the SXM cable. Per the instruction manual, this was backwards for the G3X GDUs and 57X antenna. The G3X uses TNC for the SXM, and BNC for the GPS. (Opposite from the GTN 650, which uses TNC connector for the GPS and BNC connectors for the com and nav antennas.)

Cut off the incorrect terminations and re-installed new BNC and TNC crimped connectors on the proper coax cables. Checked the wires with an ohm meter, and it appears that I introduced a short between the shield and center conductor on the SXM coax. Will need to replace it after I purchase another TNC connector.

Unpacked the 13.5 VDC, 40 amp power supply for testing and configuring the avionics. Installed short #10 wires into the power supply terminals, marking the wires with red/black heat shrink tubing for identification. Crimped ring terminals on the opposite end of the wires. Connected the wires to the battery terminals using AN4 bolts, washers & nuts, and insulated the positive connection with electrical tape.

Opened all of the circuit breakers. Turned on the power supply. Closed the master switch and loudly heard the master relay close. No sparks or indication of shorts or problems.
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