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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  4-24-2019
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  CAN Bus Connections, Ign Switch Wiring

Determined that the best approach to revised mounting for the GTR 20 radio was to rotate it and mount it to the same tray but with the connectors extending out the back of the tray. This should fall just below the sub-panel and allow access.

Drove to the shop and installed nut plates for the new mounting location, using 3 existing and adding 3 new.

Re-installed the radio and completed the CAN bus connections for the GTR 20 and one other LRU.

Installed the ignition switch in the panel and connected the wires for power and ground. The remaining wires will need to be run in the plane.

Cleaned up some of the wire bundles and started replacing tie-wraps with lacing cord in wire bundles that are complete.
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