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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  1-18-2019
Number of Hours:  5.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Oil Door, Cowl Bump-outs, A/C Hose

Started to rivet the oil door to the hidden hinge. Had problems in riveting the hinge to the door using AN426AD3-8 rivets. With these long rivets in the soft foam layer of the door, the rivets "nail headed". Tried squeezing them with the pneumatic squeezer and with the hand squeezer with the same poor results. Then tried back riveting, but with the bend in the hinge the head didn't fit flat on the plate and ended up raised. Drilled them out and tried it again with 426AD4-8 rivets but with similar problems. Drilled out and removed the rivets. Filled the opened holes in the oil door with epoxy/flox and will try again next week. May be better to use small flat head screws instead?

Did succeed in riveting the other half of the hidden hinge to the cowl using AN426AD3-7 rivets with the hand squeezer.

Sanded down and smoothed the bump out for the mixture arm.

Cleaned up the large bump out formed to glue it to the cowl. Sanded down the cowl around the opening for the A/C compressor. Drilled 4 #40 holes through the bump out and the cowl to use clecoes to hold the bump out in proper alignment. Then applied thick epoxy/cab-o-sil to the cowl and bump-out and attached them together using clecos. Added a couple strips of duct tape to be sure it was held firmly in place to cure.

Determined preliminary routing for the 2 A/C hoses between the firewall fittings and the compressor. Attached the hoses to the front of the engine using cushion clamps attached to the empty threaded holes in the bottom of the engine. Used double cushion clamps to attach the hose to the engine mount.
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