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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  11-28-2017
Number of Hours:  6.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Baffle Prep and Cowling Prep. Door Switch

Enlarged the hole for the prop govenor in CB-1001A to fit around the larger diameter Hartzell govenor. Cut the hole larger using a saber saw, then trimmed with a sanding drum on a dremmel tool. Took several tries slightly enlarging the hole each time in order to get it to fit.

Trimmed the top and bottom cowl front edges a bit more so that the top and bottom fit together at the prop opening. Drilled the top hole in the edges and clecoed together per step 7 of page 47-4

Since the engine hasn't been hanging on the mount for 5 weeks yet, I didn't want to take the next step of setting the gap and fitting the top cowl to the fuselage.

Cut the slot in the bottom cowl scoop for the nose gear per step 7 of page 47-5, using a 1.75" hole saw to start the slot at the front and then cutting the slot using a diamond disk in the Dremmel tool. Cleaned up the slot edges with sandpaper glued to a 10" 1 x 2 stick.

Installed the door Proximity switches on the front and rear of each door per the plans. Set each switch to close when the door latch rod tip was extended just past the aluminum door side, which happens with the door handle is about 30 deg. from fully closed. Set each switch using a continuity test function on the multimeter.
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