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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-2-2017
Number of Hours:  7.00
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Brief Description:  Right Wing Tip Fitting & Mounting

Trimmed the right wing tip to fit the right wing after confirming my understanding of the instructions on the drawing with Van's Builder Support. Used the Dremel tool with a 1" diamond disk to trim to the lines I placed, then test fitted the wing tip. Had to do some slight trimming where one of the J-stiffeners extends slightly into the wing tip mounting area.

Re-installed the flaps onto the wing and aligned the aileron with the flap in the reflex position. Confirmed that the reflex position is 3 deg. up from the wing angle. Clamped a piece of angle to the flap to hold the aileron in alignmet to be sure the wing tip is properly aligned.

Used a nylon cord to hold the trailing edge of the wing tip tightly to the wing, with the wings held in the cradle. Match drilled the #40 holes at the wing leading edge into the wing tip and clecoed it in place.
Drilled and clecoed the remaining mounting holes alternating top and bottom from the leading edge to the trailing edge. Thankfully the wing tip aligned well with the aileron and flap in the reflex position.

Removed the wing tip and enlarged the mounting holes in the wing and the wing tip to #28 holes. Dimpled the wing skin holes for a #6 screw.

Using a nut plate as a template, holding it in the center with a #6 screw run from the inside of the wing tip out, and lining up the rivet holes with a line I drew through the mounting holes, I drilled one rivet hole, installed a cleco, and then drilled the second rivet hole. Repeated for all of the nut plates. Counter sunk the rivet mounting holes for the rivet head, and then counter sunk the #28 holes for the #6 dimples in the wing.

Riveted all of the nut plates into place using a pneumatic squeezer.
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