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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  3-6-2017
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Power Wires Run To Mid Fuselage

Confirmed the number, length, and sizes of wires required to be run from the control panel back to mid-fuselage - with a few stopping under the front left seat and the rest going to the front of the rear left seat.
Cut the wires to length and pepared them for installation.
Pushed the wires through the previously prepared conduits from the rear seat to the front panel. Pulled the 3 wires that stop under the front seat out of the conduit going from that point to the back seat.

Determined a location for a ground for the wires running under the front seat. Decided to use the lower inside AN3-5A bolt that connect F-1043B-L Fwd Fuselage Bulkhead to the F-1042-L Bulkhead Side Channel.
Stripped the 3 #16 AWG wires for grounding the fuel boost pump and both front seat heaters, twisted them together and crimped them to a single ring terminal.
Removed the bolt and sanded the aluminum under the bolt head and rear washer for best electrical contact. Installed the bolt through the ring terminal, then a star washer (for better electrical contact), then through the bulkheads, adding a second star washer and a flat washer to the back side and then the nut. Tightened and torque painted the bolt.

Ran a pair of #16 wires to the boost pump and a pair to each side of the tunnel for connection to the front seat heaters. Secured the wires with adel clamps installed prreviously per the OP-37 drawings.
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