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Terrences Web Site

Terrence Phillips
Corvallis, MT - USA
Zenith Aircraft Co. - CH601XL
Jabiru - 3300
Sensenich - 2A0J5R64Z-N Carbon Fiber Ground Adjustable - Constant Pitch
Total Build Time:
716 Hours

Welcome to my airplane builder’s-log website. I am building a Zenith 601XL from a complete kit delivered in February, 2007. I originally wanted to build a Cozy. But I decided I’d rather spend my retirement flying than building, so I set my sights on the RV-9A. Then I decided that light sport was the way to go. In the Fall 2006 time-frame the Zenair 601XL looked to me to offer the best combination of performance, building ease, proven design, and value. I visited the factory in Mexico, MO for a demo flight and committed to the 601XL. I believe that Zenith Aircraft offer the best combination of performance and value in the homebuilt light sport market.

A glance at my builder's log reveals that precious little has been done since April 6, 2008. There is a reason for that. On April 7, 2008, a 601XL lost a wing and crashed near Polk City, FL. That was the 4th 601XL wing loss accident since February 2006. I decided that I could not continue building until the cause for these accidents was determined, and something was developed to eliminate the problem.

Since then, I devoted more than two and a half years of building time to facilitating an independent engineering analysis of the 601XL through the auspices of the Zenith Builders Analysis Group (ZBAG). Twenty-nine other builders joined me to make ZBAG happen. Immediately following the Agnos, AR accident on November 6, 2009 the FAA issued a Special Airworthiness Bulletin, CE-10-08, recommending that all owners of 601XL's and 650's ground their airplanes until they comply with a forthcoming Safety Directive / Safety Alert from Zenair. Subsequently, on Nov. 12, the FAA issued a directive to, "suspend the issuance of new airworthiness certificates to any and all variants of Zodiac CH601XL and CH650 airplanes," until, "such time that the applicant submits adequate evidence that the applicant's aircraft has been modified in a manner consistent with," "AMD Safety Directive/Alert ... issued on November 7,2009."

In December 2009, Zenair finalized plans for upgrading 601XL/650 aircraft to address the concerns raised by the FAA and others. I believe that the upgrade will eliminate the possibility of flutter and that the other mods will increase the safety margins in the structure which will produce a 601XL aircraft that is just as safe as other LSA kit aircraft. I commend Zenair addressing the problems with the aircraft. I ordered the upgrade kit immediately upon Zenair’s announcement of availability, and I received my kit on January 11. I am proceeding slowly with my build. I hope that my build rate will increase as I get back into the rhythm. I look forward to completing and flying my 601XL. (Rev. 5/27/10)

Recent Activity
 Date Hours Work Log Summary Details
Bolt On Root Doubler & Rivet Front Rib Angles

Rivets Spar Caps And Doubler To Spar

Rivet Doubler To Web, Shims, And Front Rib Attach

Fill Misdrilled 3/32" Holes In Web And Doubler Wit

Disassemble, Deburr, Scour, Clean, And Prime Left

Drill Holes For New Left Spar Nose Rib Attachments

Drill Holes To Attach Left Spar NR#1 To Rib Angles

Drill Nose Rib Anges For Left Spar NR#2, And NR#1

Drill New Angles For NR#2

Left Spar Prep For Nose Ribs

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