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Date:  2-18-2019
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  6-ZU-2p1-3
Brief Description:  Disassemble center spar for upgrade--rear

Disassemble center spar for upgrade--rear

1. lay the spar section flat on the table and drill the manufactured rivet head using rivet removal tool, shis time with the 5/32" positioner and 5/32" bit.
2. Knock off the rivet head with a cold chisel and hammer.
3. Clamp the web and spar caps onto the jigs, and drive out the rivet shanks with a rivet gun and a 1/8" punch.
4. As with the front section, the punch jumped off a couple of rivets, leading to some small dents in the cap that will have to be removed.
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