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Date:  4-26-2020
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Inspection prep, compass, prop cycle

Continued with a condition inspection of the airframe. I ran a self test on the new 406 MHz ELT, and the unit (Artex 345) came back with an antenna load failure (4 beeps). The location in the baggage compartment is very sub-optimal, and I elected to move the antenna to the top of the fuse near the GPS antenna. The system self-tests OK there.

Drilled and added a doubler with the help of next-door hangar neighbor Brian. Need to run a new coax to the ELT from here.

Continued with some live tests on the A/C. Turned the idle screw 1T faster and found that the engine idled at 1240 RPM!. Reset tp 1/2 turn faster and idle was 880-1000
RPM. set to 1/4 turn faster and will evaluate.

Tried to swing the magnetic compass, but found it soo off, that I pulled it and reset it to "factory" values, and will recal later.

Did a 2000 RPM runup and was able to cycle the prop; less the prop doesn't cycle. Prop is working!

Measured the control surfac deflection vs Van's recommendatons:

Elev: R: 25.6 deg up/ 24.5 deg down -- OK
Elev: L: 27.2 deg up/24.3 deg down -- OK

Aile: R 30.2 deg up/16.1 deg down -- OK
Aile: L 30.9 deg up/ 15.6 deg down -- OK

Rudder (@ stop) 1.0 in Right, 1.2 in Left (wrt elevator) -- OK

Trim tab: 22.3 deg up/ 23.1 deg down -- OK

Flap: 37.3 R 37.2 L -- short of Van's listings, but flap is not tightly in place for this tesk. -- OK
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New antenna location

New antenna location

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Doubler rivited

Doubler rivited

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