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Date:  7-20-2014
Number of Hours:  3.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Installed right inboard bottom skin

Clecoed up the right inboard bottom skin and installed it like the left. Clecoed the skin to the flap brace and every 3rd hole on the aft spar and a bit of the ribs. Reaching in from the top, I was able to rivet the skin to the spar and to the bottom of the ribs. Moved the clecos up 3 holes up the ribs and repeat until within 6 holes of the main spar. Cleco the skin to the rib and spar and rivet. Remove the remaining clecos and finish up.

Had one skin ding in the wing walk area near the aft spar where access is the worst and bucking bar jumped. Doh. Not too bad, though, just a assult to my pride.

A 2/32" gap remains between the main skin and the tank skin ... which seem a bit bigger than desired, but pretty typical based on feedback from other builders. The tolerance stackup on the tank with all the proseal seems to expand the gap a bit from the near perfect fit when dry.
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