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Date:  7-13-2013
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wing stand

The slow build wing kit should be here next week .. finally! Itching to build, so I put together a wing stand. I scoured VAF and all other sources I could find and decided to go with a rolling stand. Not much wood was required: 2 4x4's, one 2x4x10', one 2x8x10' and a sheet of 3/8 in plywood for the gussets. Used my well honed wood working skills to hog out slots in the vertical members for the 10' cross braces. It came out quite stiff!

I elected to use some long turnbuckles rather than a threaded rod for the leveling HW .. it seems to be a better solution and about the same price. Now, I just need some wing components to hang on it!
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