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Date:  8-28-2010
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  15th flt. Max Aft CG 83.8" flown (3 flights total)

3 Flights.
Loaded airplane in various configurations to acheive GW 1800 lbs and also CG of 83.8".
Made a total of 10 take off and landings to evaluate low speed handling.
Use of 10 Deg flap on take off reduced take off distance by about 25%.
Found it very easy to over rotate in landing flair as elevator effectiveness seems to produce a greater pitch response. It handles just as you might imagine where the CG and Center of Lift are close together. At this high weight and CG, making the final approach at 80 mph & 20 deg of flaps, went smoother by decreasing the angle of descent, which helped make the flareout less "dramatic". Can say I don't care for landing the airplane with aft CG... it's much "trickier".

Summary to this point:
At 8000 ft, and 23 Squared, I'm getting an honest 185 mph TAS, at about 8.5 to 9 GPH and 50 Deg rich of peak. At 2500 RPM I'm seeing closer to 190 MPH. The exciting part is the TAS agrees with Ground speed + EFIS calculated winds aloft. So I'm pretty happy. Fuel economy will get better at higher cruise altitudes.

When I did the first glide testing (from 7500 ft to 3500 ft), I started at 90 mph and just read off the VSI at different speeds as I went down. I found the slower speeds are much harder to hold stable and a just a little bit of pitch change while trying to hold speed, really changes the VSI. (Of course it doesn't help that the air gets pretty rough below about 5000 ft). It's probably something best measured by time through several thousand feet, rather than just reading the VSI. Others seem to list the best glide at 80 mph.... I'm finding basically the same thing.... somewhere around 75 to 80 mph and seeing around 650-700 fpm. Of course, that's MY IAS, which is very pitot geometry sensitive.

I hadn't thought of pulling the prop control out at idle, until my brother mentioned it... so I tried that last night. YIPES! It drug the RPM so low I feared it was going to kill the engine! I tried it for about a minute, then decided I really didn't need tha
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Max Aft CG flown

Max Aft CG flown

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