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Date:  8-26-2010
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  14th Flt. CG 82.5" - Stability tests, Stalls, A/P

T/O weight 1783 lbs, CG 82.5"; Landing Wt 1660 lbs, CG 83".
Before flight, added air to main tires from 30 psi to 38 psi.
Take off required neutral elevator trim on climbout.
GW stall clean was 64 mph, Full flaps, 55 mph.
Stability & Control testing same as previous flight.
7500 ft cruise (23 SQ), 185 mph TAS, 9.3 GPH at 50 Deg Rich of Peak.
Landing weight & CG 83" Clean Stall was 62 mph, Full flaps, 52 mph. Even at idle power, fairly nose high at point of stalls and very little buffet warning. AOA is accurate with 3 Red just prior to stall.
Performed glide testing from 7500 ft to 4500 ft at 80 mph and Prop control pulled most way back. About 600 fpm descent rate. Even at idle power, pulling prop controller out, REALLY reduced RPM, almost to point of what felt like might stall engine.
Landing flare at CG83" very different than previous test points, easy to over rotate and end up with nose too high. Perhaps better to flare with more speed than 70 mph and/or carry a little power. I need to make some more landings at this CG point before moving further aft.
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