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Darrel's Kitfox - SS7
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Date:  1-19-2019
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Antenna cable install

It is time to be honest - I'm pretty sure I spent a time on the plane in the last week but the details have faded into the calendar so this part of the ledger will be a tad light. This is a make-up entry - a catchall if you will.

I did spend time researching what type of antenna cable should be used. Settled on RG400 for all cables even though it probably isn't needed; the ADSB and transponder runs are short and the comm antenna can probably get by with RG58 but, what the heck, better is best and RG400 it will be. Then, next is measuring cable length and determining connectors - straight or right angle and replace the pig tail that came with the ADSB or use it? Then order all - and - should I have someone else build the cables or get a crimper and make them myself. Well, it is a home built aircraft so it should be built at home. Right?

Then they had to be fabricated and installed then fastened into place.

Next on the agenda was designing and fabricating the water separating labyrinth that I'll use during the paint process. (Got most of it completed today!)

Next - I converted the panel .dwg file to .pdf and had a full size print made at the local Staples. Thank goodness - blown up to full size and looking at it while holding the instruments in my cut and bruised hands I found a couple of errors that will need correcting. But that task will wait until tomorrow.
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All antennas are complete

All antennas are complete

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