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Darrel's Kitfox - SS7
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Date:  3-13-2020
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  Engine install
Brief Description:  Installed carb filter extension

Jim did a great job machining an extension for the air filter that mounts on the port carburetor. It was just a bit too snug to go on with normal pressure but heating it up a little over 200 F allowed it to go on perfectly and after cooling it was tight. Not so tight that I was willing to go without a backup plan so a #2 screw was brought into play.

It mounts the filter close to the engine mount frame but it has to be done to make room for a metal tube that connects the radiator to the cooling system spider.

Also spent time doing more "body work" on the top and bottom cowls.

Also, spent a few minutes on the phone with GRT to get the EFIS serial ports set up properly. It appears that everything is functioning correctly now.
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