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Darrel's Kitfox - SS7
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Date:  10-23-2019
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  Engine installatio
Brief Description:  Sent the water pump to Kitfox for reclocking

Thought I'd have a very enjoyable day putting the few items pulled off in order to install the engine ring but, "not so fast Buckwheat, it ain't what it appears to be".

Turns out that the water pump housing has for water tubes, one to each cylinder, and when attempting to reinstall same I discovered that one of them impacted the engine mounting ring. An internet search uncovered that this condition is not unusual and it can be rectified by the application of a torch, removing the culprit, cleaning the Loctite, chasing the female threads, applying new Loctite and reinstalling. Or, send it to Kitfox and have an experienced person do the deed. So be it, within the hour it was in the mail.

Next, spray on the last coats of primer on the right wing panel.

Next, reinstall the electrical cabling that had been removed.
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