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Darrel's Kitfox - SS7
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Date:  12-1-2018
Number of Hours:  5.20
Manual Reference:  Trailing edge addi
Brief Description:  Installed strengthening additions to the trailing

Installed the strengthening additions (aluminum tubing) to the trailing edges.

This is a factory recommendation if your plans include tautening the fabric to the full 350 degree limit - otherwise some have reported the trailing edge will scallop.

Ordinarily, the forward bend of the factory's trailing edge piece(s) is bent less than 90 degrees and creates an opening that will accommodate a 16.5" piece of 3/8" aluminum tubing that is epoxied in place. In my case, that bend was 90 degrees or more so I purchased 1/4" 6061 T6 tubing instead and epoxied it in place.

1. cut the tubing to length
2. clean and prep the tubing
3. clean and prep the accepting sections of the trailing edge
4. epoxy in place
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