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Date:  8-22-2016
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  VPX configuration

With the master switch group in, I then figured out how to configure the VPX to get it up and running. I had troubles with the Interior lighting buss until I sorted out I had a short and the VPX was faulting the circuit. If I had just put power to it, I would have seen some smoke most likely.
I was able to locate and fix the problem without too much trouble.
The VPX is really a nice system. I can hook up the VPX to my laptop and look at each and every circuits current draw. You can adjust each circuit breaker to the approptiate number for each, measure the actual current draw for components with unknown current draw. Very cool.

The pic shows the Master switch group backlight cover. In order to backlight the switches without lots of light spilling out from behind the instrument panel I have to to make covers for each group. This one had to be fiberglass due to the odd shape.
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Master switch group backlight cover installed

Master switch group backlight cover installed

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