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Date:  11-9-2019
Number of Hours:  75.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Painting fiberglass parts

No updates for almost a month because all I have been doing is filling, sanding, priming … repeat… over and over. Pinholes are a pain to fill. The best method I have found so far is the micro/epoxy squeegee. The hard part is the shape of many parts don’t lend themselves to an easy squeegee. It is also nearly impossible to see pinholes until you sand and prime the first coat.
The next painful realization is the imperfections in the windshield faring, cabin top and doors, not to mention those gear fairings are impossible to see until primed. Even after you prime, they are hard to see until you spray a topcoat with a nice glossy finish. Then everything shows.
Over the last three weeks I have everything to a nice topcoat. Not perfect, but as close as a temporary ‘just get a coat of paint on it’ needs to be. There will come a time when a pro will take the exterior to the next level with the final design. For now, just tidying everything up for the move to the airport is where I am at. At the airport, it will be final assembly, paperwork and first flight.
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