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Date:  10-17-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Bleed Brake lines

The days task was to bleed the brakes I purchased a 300 ml syringe and five feet of clear vinyl tube. I removed the bleed fitting on the top of the brake reservoir and installed an adaptor to about four feet of the clear tubing to an overflow container. Filling the syringe with high temp brake fluid and attaching to the bleed fitting of the brake with the clear tubing, I forced the brake fluid in from the bottom of the calipers.
I forced all 300 ml of the syringe through each brake line checking the clear tube at the overflow for any bubbles. Checking the brakes by hand (since the brakes cannot be pushed without the rudder cables connected) the brakes are firm and even, no air in the line, and no leaks. I used much less than a quart of fluid. This task was much easier than expected.

This leaves only painting and final assembly (not to mention paperwork and small finish tasks such as safety wires etc.) before the plane is ready for its first flight. No more fabrication.
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