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Greg's RV-12 Classic N719VA
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Date:  9-24-2021
Number of Hours:  3.75
Manual Reference:  47
Brief Description:  finish spinner while mounted

Manual 47-03 step 7 finish pitching blades to #3 per Sensenich pitch guide tool. Step 8 mask the props and mount and clamp the spinner

Manual 47-04 steps 1 - 3 check squareness of the spinner mounted to less than 1/16" variance. No adjustment needed.

Manual 47-05 step 1 and 2 match drill the spinner to the holes in the spinner plates. Used magnetic balls taped to the holes on the plates then another magnetic ball on a fiber washer to position the holes on the spinner. Taped the washers in place then remove the ball and match drill #30.
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