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Greg's RV-12 Classic N719VA
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Date:  3-8-2021
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  46
Brief Description:  redo placement of fuel line banjo bolts

Manual 46-07 steps 6 - 10, undo banjo bolts and allen screw, remove the Hose Nipple 3/4 and Pilot jet and placed in marked bags. Rotate the Fuel Clamp Block and re-install allen screw to hold it, toqued to 55 in-lbs. Re-install M8X1X27 banjo bolt on the bottom of the block with two fule lines and torque to 90 in-lbs. Aplied torque seal.

Hand installed the M8X1X17 banjo bolt on the top. Applied some tape after the pictures taken to make sure there are no exposed holes for no debris infiltration.
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