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Greg's RV-12 Classic N719VA
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Date:  3-6-2021
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  46
Brief Description:  final torqued the upper left engine mount

Manual 46-05 step 6 torqued the final engine mount bolt to the engine using a 2" MAC torque extension and hex piece from a hex wrench. Had to remove the carburetor and mount to make room for the torque wrench to fit.

Calculated the torque wrench setting with the 2" extension as 26 ft.-lbs to yield a 29.5 ft.-lbs torque on the mounting bolt. See 46-05 step 6.

Retorqued the carb mount and used Loctite 242 as per 46-07 step 2 and 4.
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