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Greg's RV-12 Classic N719VA
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Date:  8-25-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  SL-00010
Brief Description:  review CO monitor installation

SL-00010 investigated details for CO monitor. Figured out that electrical schematic WH-00133 as refered to in SL-00010 was okay except for the EMS connector pins. A better more accurate elec schematic is the RV-12_ULS_SV-AP-KNOB_12-18-18.pdf. Represents the EMS connector pins accurately. Also talked with Vans and sent an email notification to support. Received a response from Tony and he could see my confusion between those two drawings.

I decided to use the RV-12_ULS_SV-AP-KNOB_12-18-18 drawing.
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