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Greg's RV-12 Classic N719VA
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Date:  5-25-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  32-10 step 9
Brief Description:  assemble the torque tubes

Manual 32-10 step 9, re-installed the torbue brackets and tubes. Did a little more deburring of the holes drilled. Torqued all of the AN3 bolts to 30 in/lbs except the two going to the push tubes forward to the control linkage. At least one of them will require modification when install the autopilot roll servo.

Reviewed the manual section 44 for mounting of the roll servo. Emailed Vans asking about ordering the roll servo now to make it easier to install with the tail cone not installed. Hopefully will be able to return the servo that comes with the avionics package and get a refund. If not, I may have to wait and crawl into the tail to mount the servo later.
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