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Date:  10-22-2011
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  First engine run on FuselageFirst run in driveway

First run in driveway

The carb is a MA3SP from a 65hp Continental

Warp drive two blade prop set 8.5+ degrees? Roy has it now and can validate angle.

Ambient temp? 45 50 61 Baro 30.08

Check timing. 32 degrees? Yes on a side 29 on b side

Oil pressure 30 psi cool start 1150rpm
38 psi @ 1800 rpm after 1hr run

Fuel press 3 to 4 psi on A and B side as high as 5 under load. The needle is warvering (is that normal?)

cht 200 -250 b side (probes were in the end of the heads not the bottom like they should have been)

Egt 1100 b side and a side (Not leaned out)

Check temps at exhaust with infrared gun normal to surface same point.

2. 4. 6
1st read 697. 639. 621
2nd read 711. 674. 634

1. 3. 5
1st read 660. 599. 570
2nd read 691. 633. 591

Oil temp? 160
1st read 180 b side
2nd read 185 after about 1hr run on a side

1st read Full throttle rpm? 2600 on points @32degrees not leaned out first run, 2620 warmed up (oil temp 180)
2nd read 2640 after about 1hr. On the a side not leaned

Temp probe at cabin heat duct?
Half carb heat valve at intake plenum produces 134 degrees f at the cabin

Check alternator output
ACV 22 @1980rpm
33 @ 1810 later
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Fuel delivery

Fuel delivery

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