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Ron Lendon's Aircraft Mfg.
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Date:  12-14-2011
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Check and verify Distributors

Went to use a distributor machine and hew are the results from both distributors:

RKL dist.

Initial advance comes on at 410 dist rpm, 820 crank rpm

All in at 1140 dist rpm, 2280 crank rpm

Total advance 12 degrees dist, 24 crank, set static at 700 rpm or lower 8 degrees at the crankshaft.

WW dist.

Point float causing 4 degree variance at idle, reset gap to .018", point float gone.

Initial advance comes on at about 404 dist rpm, 808 crank Rpm.

All in at 940 dist rpm, 1880 crank rpm
Total advance 9 degrees at dist., 18 total at crank, set static at 14.

Back at the garangar, marked trace of position of the XR-i, set XR-i to paper thickness, still not working there either. Put XR-i back to the trace marks, now it starts and runs in this position, now it doesn't. This is going back to the master for a look see bye him.

Put RKL dist in and have solid start and run on both A & B sides.

Talked to Russ at D&G and think I am OK with the two piece venturi. We both think the idle circuit might be the problem for the poor idle.

Tried to hand choke while running engine and it bit me. I was trying to see if choking it would disloge whatever was in the idle circuit. No Joy, so off comes the carby.
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