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Ron Lendon's Aircraft Mfg.
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Date:  11-9-2005
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Cutting & Radius edges of forms

You have to make two forms identical. Layout only one form and stick the other form to it with two way tape. This allows you to make two forms from one layout.


The forms are cut on a band saw but the line is left on the the form.

The forms are ground to the line on a faceplate (Disk Grinder) 90 degrees (square). Final hand sanding might be needed, feel the finish if it has bumps or dips you should touch it up.

Split the forms, remove the two way tape.

Using a 1/8 rounding bit in a router put the radius on the forming side of the forms. Remember you might be making both a right and left hand form.

Angle the faceplate 10 degrees down and grind the relief (overbend). The radius is up and the part you are grinding away is below so go slow and stop when the grind marks reach the tangent point of the radius. Keep the form moving to avoid flat spots.
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