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Date:  3-21-2016
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  reworked sub buss panel and ran wires

After working through the VPX planner, I realized I had installed too many sub buss fuse blocks. All I needed is three. External lights, Internal lights and Battery direct each get a fuse block.

The internal and external light busses will be switched and powered through/by the VPX, and each individual circuit will be fused and switched independantly.

The battery direct buss will bypass the master contactor to provide critical function should the master contactor fail. From there it splits into A and B sides with A always energized (door lights, alternate critical avionics feed, and one Electronic Ignition also switched through key switch) and B side switched through one side of the Master switch (DPDT).

This gives me no single point failures that will leave me in the dark w/o light, avionics and engine.
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modified fuse panel

modified fuse panel

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