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Date:  11-4-2018
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Sanding the canopy

In preparation for painting. (I have decided to do at least a base white coat before moving the plane to a hanger) I purchased a new compressor. My old compressor was a cheap no name 30 gal upright with a Harbor Freight motor on it. No way would it keep up with the needs for painting.

I want with a Sanborn 80-gal 17 cfm/175 psi upright. I finally installed proper lines with filtration and desiccant (to the paint gun) lines. In order to test out the airflow I started sanding the canopy. Months ago, I coated the canopy with epoxy/micro and then left it until now.

I ran the 2 x 16 body sander for an hour straight without having to pause for air. Cool

Tuesday was a holiday from work, so another 6 hours of sanding on the canopy. I also prepped the doors and fitted the "U" channel around the opening. I also prepped the rudder and fin for painting
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After first coat of primer

After first coat of primer

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