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Date:  1-11-2015
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  more riveting

January 8,9,11, 2015
I reallly struggled with the rivets along each side skin to bottom joint. I was trying to back rivet the long line. The bottom has a small amount of curvature and getting the bottom hard against the back rivet plate was problematic. The result was rivets set proud of the surface. I ended up drilling out about 40 of them .... frustrating. In the end, I set one at a time looking through the next hole to check the position of the back plate. All are tight.

I also ended up with three dings from misplacing the bucking bar. Most of those were not hard to reach, just not double checking position before I triggered. Also many of the rivets were awkward to set with one person. I was able in the end to reach all but 6 on the sides and bottom, and another 10 on the top skin. For those my wife got to buck here first rivets on the plane!

The real skill on riveting is knowing which bucking bar to use of the 8 I have, What rivet set of the 20 I have to use in which situation etc. etc.. Each bucking bar or riveting technique works best in only certian situations. The trick is knowing which ones will be best. I have a lot to learn!
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getting there

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