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Date:  11-30-2014
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Stabilizer final assembly

Assembly of the stabilizer went well. Setting rivets is still a skill I have to work at. I started with the flat set with the rubber guard. I was not pleased with how well the rivets were pulling down into the dimples. There was a tiny gap arround the edge of the head whn set even though set to specs.

I changed to the domed set and was able to pull the heads down tight although the skin pulled in a slight amount as well. I'n not sure if this is good or bad. but is how I proceeded. I'll have to find out if the rivets get filled before painting? I made a few small dents in the vertical stabilizr that I will definatly want to fill and smooth out.

I also had to drill out 14 rivets as I grabed from the wrong bag and set them before I realized they were 0.5 mm shorter. I make it a point to set each size in the appropriate holes, with only one bag out at a time ... this time I left two bags out and grabbed the wrong ones.

As you can see in the first pic I built the cradles as a single unit 8 feel long (equally spaced. It allowed me to flop the Stabilizer to horizontal for riveting. I found this much easier as gravity was helping instead of fighting my efforts.
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finished stabilizer

finished stabilizer

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