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Date:  11-26-2014
Number of Hours:  12.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Stabilizer pre assembly

Completed all of the pre-assemblies of the stabilizer, as well as the match drilling. Now everything comes apart for dimpling, countersinking and priming.

No issues with the pre-assembly other than I ran out of clecos. 325 3/32" clecos are not enough for the larger assemblies. I will probably add another 100 at least. I could only cleco every third hole in the horizontal stabilizer. I like to have a cleco on both sides of every hole I final drill, and that made for a lot of extra cleco moving .... hello carpel tunnel syndrome!

Deburring of the skins moved along fast with the new tool. A quick in and out motion with the drill and both sides of each ho;e is done. Dimpling of the skins goes quick as well. I am learning a few things about the homade dimpling frame. Adjustability of the handle or some kind of a swivel frame for the head would be a great addition. I had to use the pull rivet dimpler for a number of holes to keep from distorting the folded skins. Not a lot of heiight in close to the fold to manuver. I also bought a rivet set up that holds dimple dies for later use when the part can't come to the frame .... we'll see it it becomes useful.

Update: Well, I tryed out the rivet set/dimple die set up wiith very poor success. It might be I had the air too high. It appears that very careful (and skillful) application is needed. Both of which I lack at this time.
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Horizontal Stab pre assembly

Horizontal Stab pre assembly

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