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Date:  4-17-2017
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  lift strut and external handles on right door

I finished up with the right lift strut by prepping the door brackets, bedding them in flox and riveting them in place.

I used flox to fill the gap under the brackets as they are flat and the surface of the door is concave. I should have left the brackets bolted together for spacing, but figured the match drilled holes would provide alignment. Close but not perfect. I had to ream the holes to get the bolt in. The strut is powerful enough to push the door up any time it is not latched.

I also went back to the beginning to pick up on a step I skipped. The exterior handles needed to be drilled and taped. I also rounded and shaped the handle to a more pleasing and comfortable shape. Because I installed the lock aft of the handle, I had to install the handle so the closed position has the tail forward. Otherwise the handle covered the lock cylinder when closed and couldn't be locked.

The right door is complete and everything works. The indicator light is on whenever the master is on and the latch pins are not fully closed. The entry light turns on whenever the door is opened and the override switch is not on. (the override switch shuts the baggage and door entry lights off when the doors are open for extended periods of time to prevent battery draining.)
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rightdoor  lift strut installed

rightdoor lift strut installed

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