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Date:  10-17-2014
Number of Hours:  12.00
Manual Reference:  Rudder
Brief Description:  Rudder final assembly

Preped Rudder parts for assembly. (This is the typical routine for each major assembly.)
Steps include ;
Locate and cut parts to plan. There always seem to be a few stringers, ribs or other componebts that need to be trimed or cut.
Folloying the order in the plans, assemble and final drill each hole. Then take the assembly all appart.
Now comes the most tedious part ... Debur and dimple

Just a few notes on deburing. So far I have used a simple whirley tool (SPEED DEBURR & C'SINK TOOL) for drilled holes It works well but takes a lot of concentration to set the tip in each hole. I just purchased a TWO-WAY DEBURRING TOOL from ATS (Aircraft Tool Supply). It is expensive, but speeds the process tremendously. Since I will be spending a significant number of hours doing this mind numbing chore ... it is money well spent.

Clean and Primer. I am using a water based primer from It sprays on like latex paint, seems to go on smooth, dry fast and adhere well. So far I am pleased. Time will tell, but really, since there is a lot of debate as to necessity of a primer, a two part toxic epoxy etc. seems overkill. Besides, there is no way, after all this effort, that my RV-10 will sit outside. Just not gonna happen!
prime all parts.

I will be starting the final assembly in the next log

Added a pic of the trailing edge since only 3 pics can load to each log.
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trailing edge view

trailing edge view

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