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Date:  10-12-2014
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  Vert Stab
Brief Description:  Prime and assemble the Vert Stab components.

Primed the Vert Stab components with xxxxx . This is a water based primer and seems to go on easily, dry quickly and adhere reasonably well.

Riveted the skeleton together as described on page 6-5. First time driving rivets with the (3X) gun, other than a few at Oshkosh this year. Not very good. I now know how to drill them out as well.

Riveting the skin (3 vs. 4 size rivets) was a whole new challenge. I had the gun preassure too high (the gun was walking/bouncing without heavy pushing), the wrong set in (Small dome vs. Mushroom set), and the wrong hand preassure on the gun and bucking bar. (Hard to describe, Firm enough on the gun to keep it from bouncing, and opposing but gentle preassure on the bucking bar.)The net result is some truley ugly dings on the center front rib. Some bad words were used!
It will take some filler to fix that up.
After the front center rib debautch, I got the correct set in, got the preassure dialed in and found a balance on the gun/bucking bar combo. Things look a lot better.
Squeezing the edge rivets is a piece of cake.

First finished part.
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Completed Vert Stab

Completed Vert Stab

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